How To Choose The Best Contractor For Cabinet Refacing & Refinishing

Choosing Your Contractor For Cabinet Refacing | Bayshore Kitchen & Bath - _cabinet-refacing-contentWhether as storage spaces or as beautiful works of craftsmanship, a good set of cabinets will enhance any kitchen or bathroom.

But no matter their quality, cabinets eventually wear down, as their colors fade and their hinges cease to open smoothly.

When this happens, you need a professional cabinet contractor to reface, refinish, or completely replace your cabinet. Only a truly skilled contractor can get this job done smoothly and seamlessly. The following tips will help you select a cabinet refinishing and refacing contractor with the skills you need to keep these critical kitchen and bathroom features in prime condition.

Is Cabinet Refacing Right for Me?

How do you know if cabinet refacing is a good option for your home? We often recommend cabinet refacing for homeowners whose cabinets doors are faded or scratched, are worn down from repeated use, or not the color you're envisioning for the future of your kitchen.

Tips for Choosing a Cabinet Refacing Contractor

Finding a cabinet contractor starts out like finding any other type of contractor. You should begin by narrowing your search down to professionals in your area who have the necessary licensing and certifications to get the job done right. You also need to make sure they’re fully insured and bonded, as this guarantees that if they make a mistake or do a poor job, the cost of repairs will be covered. Finally, you need to look at the contractor’s reviews from past customers, and if possible, contact those customers directly and ask how good a job they did.

The more details you get, the easier it is to tell if they’ll serve you well. In-addition to these general contractor vetting tips, there are some steps you need to take that are specific to cabinet professionals. It can often be hard for consumers to tell if they need to replace a cabinet outright or simply take some steps to shore it up. The best contractors will help you make this decision by walking you through the difference between:

  • Cabinet Refinishing- To refinish a cabinet is to restore the surface of the cabinet without changing its broader structure. It generally involves cleaning the surface, removing grease, fixing any damage, and if applicable, repainting the restored surface. This is the simplest and least expensive step, making it ideal for cabinets that are faded or that have experienced minor damage.
  • Cabinet Refacing- To reface a cabinet is to enhance its finished surface. Refacing sometimes also involves replacing the doors and drawers of the cabinet, but it does not involve changing the layout of the kitchen or bathroom. This method is best if your cabinets have sustained serious damage but you don’t want to completely change the room.
  • Cabinet Replacement- Cabinet Replacement- The most comprehensive solution to cabinet problems, replacement involves making major changes to the room’s layout. It’s ideal if your cabinets are severely damaged or you’re ready to give the room a new look.

Bayshore Kitchen & Bath will walk you through all your cabinet options, and once you choose the form of renovation you want, we’ll perform it at the highest level of quality. For more information on cabinet restoration, take a look at our website today.