Guide To Choosing A Contractor For Bathroom Renovations

Your Guide For Choosing A Bathroom Remodel Contractor For Bathroom Renovations - bathroom-remodeling-contentWhat’s the key to a quality bathroom renovation?

For most people, cleanliness is a priority, followed swiftly by comfort and convenience. They spend much of their time cleaning the bathroom and outfitting it with all the carpeting and other amenities to make it as comfortable and convenient as possible.

In fact, if your bathroom is designed properly, you can keep it clean and comfortable with little work. The better ventilated the room is and the better the materials it is made out of, the fewer issues you’ll have that require fixes. To build a clean and comfortable bathroom in Michigan, you need to find a local contractor with the necessary expertise. The following guide will help you select just such a professional.

What to Look For In Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

When selecting a contractor for a bathroom remodel, it’s important to begin with the basics. To that end, your first question should be to see their license and records of their insurance coverage. An unlicensed contractor is not qualified to remodel your bathroom, and will likely do more harm than good. Likewise, if your contractor is not insured, they won’t be able to cover the damages from mistakes. For this reason, if a contractor doesn’t have insurance or isn’t licensed, or even if their license isn’t up to date, you shouldn't consider them.

Once you’ve established that they have the necessary qualifications and coverage, it’s time to consider their track record. Take a look at the review page on their website, and see what past customers are saying about them and how they respond to those comments. You should also obtain those customers’ contact information and get in touch with them yourself. Figure out whether the contractor:

  • Takes their Time- Bathroom remodeling is a delicate process, and the best contractors invest the time and energy to get it done right. When talking to past customers, ask how long the contractor said it would take, whether they finished on time, and whether there were any issues or flaws afterward.
  • Uses Quality Materials- Ask the past customers what materials the contractor used and how well those materials stood up over time. You can also ask the contractor about this directly. A good bathroom remodeling company will show you these materials ahead of time, so you know their exact quality.
  • Prioritizes Ventilation- Air flow is critical to keeping your bathroom clean, so try to get a sense of how well the contractor maximizes it. Ask past customers if they’ve had any mold problems or if the bathroom has felt stuffy since the work was complete. If not, the contractor likely knows how to ventilate a room effectively.

As a fully-licensed and insured bathroom renovations contractor in the Detroit area, Bayshore Kitchen & Bath invests in the highest-quality materials and ventilation methods. For more information on renovating your bathroom and any other part of your house, contact us today.